Peruvian Lomo Saltado Beef Stir Fry

Peruvian Lomo Saltado Beef Stir Fry



Today I begin a new adventure of writing this blog; you couldn’t imagine how nervous I am. I do not like to write what I think…. but here I am.

Yesterday I was telling my sister Paty we would make Lomo Saltado and that she needed to help me with the photos and video. For me technology is very hard.  I told my three 3 children, Emily and Hayllin (Twins) 9 years old and my boy Arturo is 12 what I was doing . Everyone wanted to say no you better prepare bread, or Aji de Gallina that they love! Dean, my husband wanted Lomo Saltado because it is his favorite. Finally I decided to make Lomo Saltado; it is a traditional Peruvian food dish with only a few ingredients and is super delicious.

Let’s return to our plate that was first made from the merger of Peruvian and Chinese food. It has Peruvian ingredients such as potatoes and yellow aji. To prepare this delicacy you need tender meat (Beef Tenderloin, Sirloin Steak) so called Lomo Saltado, ideally prepared in a Wok, but at home sometimes we do not have it so we use a pan. The secret is to prepare with high heat and sauté quickly searing the meat with onion, aji Amarillo (yellow pepper), and tomato. At the end you may add French Fries. Personally I like to mix in the fries at the end to soak in the juice. We serve this dish with white rice, I hope you enjoyed this blog, if you have questions or comments … I promise to answer them.



1 Lb. Beef Tenderloin, or Sirloin Steak

1 Red onion

1 Tomato

1 Yellow Pepper (Peruvian Chile)

1 Garlic Clove minced

1 Lb. French fries

1 Tablespoons Soy sauce


Salt and pepper to taste

Vegetable oil



  • Cut the beef into thin long slices. Season with salt and pepper.


  • Heat the oil in a sauce pan over high heat, then add the meat and sauté. In this step if you want you can add a splash of Pisco, to have a typical flame for this dish. Fry it fast because the meat will get dry if you cook it too long. Reserve


  • In the same pan add a little oil sauté onion with garlic, add a little vinegar, add the meat back in, then add the tomato, yellow pepper and soy sauce. It is ready.


  • In this last step I like to stir in French fries, because they absorbs the juice and have a nice flavor.


  • Serve with white rice

At the last minute the camera does not record anything, we will keep trying.



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    Amy — A fabulous job! Don’t wait any longer to post more. I could see great — loved the close ups of what yo27u8#1&;re were doing and I learned some new twists on a technique I’ve done many times. I will be putting your great ideas to use right away. thanks for sharing and hope you recovery quickly. See you in August I hope.[]

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